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National Competition Targets    


ASSA National Benchrest Competition Targets

We figured some folks might want to see what our paper punchers can do with enough gunpowder and chunks of lead. Targets below were selected from the National Competition, just to give a feel for what might be going on around here.

Not the Highest Score, But the BEST Explanation
First Submission From "Tex" Kiel 1-17-09
           #5 Target from "Tex" - Getting Nervous, yet?
             This is the EXPLANATION for the Target to the Left
2nd Target from "Tex" 2-23-09 Iron Sights 50 Yds.
#6 Texan Target - Iron Sights, 50 Yds B&P 1 Oz. Slugs
5 shot=2.635", 4 Shot=2.210", 3 Shot=1.410" We Should ALL Be This Good!
#3 Target From "Tex" 3-17-09 Sensing a Pattern Here?
#9 In The "Texan" Series - Anybody Want To Challenge This Guy?
The Sampling above was selected to make a couple of points:

1. You might not get to be high score of the month, but if you can write about the experience, you still might see your stuff posted on these pages.

2. Just because you are new to the sport, you don't have to assume you'll do badly at it. Some newbies embarrass the dickens out of some old shooters, and get their target posted.

3. You do not need the most expensive rig or even any kind of scope at all, to get good to great results. Floyd "Tex" Kiel's results prove the point quite handily, with 50 yard groups out of a smoothbore with iron sights that over the course of a year's practice have gotten to be downright phenomenal. Give this guy a scope and some sabots and we'd have to be measuring one hole for his scores!
This is the Text that came with the 1st Target
We just loved this. Hope you will too. Thanks, Madcows22!

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