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Advertising with ASSA


ASSA Welcomes the Participation of Advertisers. Listed Below are Some Options to Consider. If You Have Other Advertising Preferences, Please Contact Admin@SlugShooting.com To Discuss Them With Us.

       Why advertise on ASSA?

-Most highly visited dedicated slugshooting site on the internet.
-Consistently top ten search engine result for slugshooting 
-Approximately 4,000 people visit SlugShooting.com each day.
-60% of our visitors are age 35-55.
-95% of our visitors purchase products online.
-55% earn greater than $50,000 per year.
-Very reasonable advertising rates.

Large Banner In Rotation on Main Site Home Page
(468x60 banner rotated on home page)
If you enter 100 for quantity  then you would be
purchasing 100,000 banners for $75.

(Recommended minimum qty is 50)

$.75 per thousand

Large Banner In Rotation on Main Site Home Page
(468x60 banner rotated on home page)
Banner will be shown approximately 750 times per day.

$45.00 flat rate per month billed monthly for 6 months
Large Banner In Rotation on Auction Site Home Page
(468x60 banner rotated on Auction site home page)
If you enter 100 for quantity  then you would be
purchasing 100,000 banners for $50.

(Recommended minimum qty is 50)

$.50 per thousand, or $30.00 Flat Rate per month for 6 months

Small Banner
(120x120 banner rotated throughout the main site.)

(Recommended Minimum quantity is 75)

$.50 per thousand

Advertise on Members Classified Ads Site

Post ads for unlimited products on the Members Classified
Ads pages. Ads must be placed by your personnel using
the Classified Ads system. New Advertisers or advertisers
purchasing banner rotations are issued a $250.00 Classified
Ads Account Credit and may place ads at no charge until
this credit amount is consumed. Additional credits are
issued with additional banner ad rotation purchases, or an advertiser may continue placing ads on a paid basis once the account credit is reduced to a zero balance with postings. 

Sponsor ASSA Competitions

Advertiser/sponsors may elect to support one or more annual shooting competitions either by monetary contribution for participant awards, or by offering product awards such as logo merchandise usually used for brand promotion. Cost varies with the level of participation and exclusivity of the chosen venue. Having a "named" shoot is highest level of participation, while providing logo merchandise as part of awards for a monthly or seasonal match requires minimal expenditure just for the awards
Offer Your Merchandise for Sale at Our Clubhouse Store

If your Company has products for sale that are likely to appeal to Slugshooters, then they may be offered for sale as ASSA tested and approved products. Requirement is that at least one sample be submitted to us for testing, that items sold through the store as tested and approved products be offered to our Members at the best competitive price offered through any other seller, and 5% commission be paid to ASSA on all items purchased from the ASSA Store. Selling link will be placed on the Store page to verify sales generated from the website.
Ambassador Forum

Your own forum on SlugShooting.com!
It's like having a booth at a huge gunshow. Use it to advertise
your products, get feedback from customers, answer questions
about your products, distribute info, etc.

$300.00 per year

After your purchase we will contact you for design and artwork details on your advertising.

For package prices or large quantity pricing please call 410-529-6631 or email sales@slugshooting.com

Follow the Link Below to Purchase Banners or Forum Sponsorships
Contact us at sales@slugshooting.com for all other advertising options

Click the PIC to Purchase Advertising

Prices For Members Classified  Ads  

Classified Ad Insertion Fee0.50
           Additional Options               Extra Options If Selected.
Featured Gallery if selected
Listed on the main page
Full Featured Classified Ad if selected
Listed on the main page
Category Featured Classified Ad if selected
Listed at the top featured area under the category the ad is posted under.
Color background if selected0.50
Bold title listing if selected0.50
Attention Grabbers Icon if selected0.25
Page view counter if selected0.15
Graphic Uploaded Picture(s)to our web server to be viewed in your auction item (Linked pictures are free)1.00
Minimum Ad Cost with Uploaded Picture: $.50 per insertion for 3 months
 Maximum Possible Ad Cost With Every Option:  $7.90 per insertion, 3 months

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