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We have established here on this page, a casual way for our members to recieve information from within the ASSA organization that will hopefully contribue to the advancement of this shooting discipline. TheBlog will allow ASSA Staf to post items that appeal to them, for the benefit of all members. We'll try to keep the posts interesting, hopefully related to SlugShooting, or at least of an interest level that will apeal to most Members.
Two means of two-way communication have been in place since the inception of the site, as listed below:
1. The Chat Room, accessible below, is an online, live, interactive experience accessible to members and guests nationwide 24/7/365 for direct conversations in real time.
2. The Members Forums, to the right and reachable with one push of the big green ENTER button, are also live, online, and interactive, but can be taken at a much more relaxed pace, since members can compose their comments and post to any of the forums at any time. Comments posted here remain available for the long term, which allows for more detailed technical discussions. Forums also allow for a response that may take some time to create and post, so there is no need for a fast answer like in the Chat Room.
3. The Slugshooters Blog, seen below, allows for postings outside either the forums or the Chat Room Options that have served us so well over the years. We included this third venue to be used for our opportunity to add comments or content directly to our main website. We're interested to see what might develop. This is currently in development, and seen as a venue for ASSA staff to share insider information, post thoughts and plans, and generally inform members of developments as they occur.
4. the NEW ASSA Forums are pretty much the same ones we've had before, but using a new hosting service, us. We've had some issues of Trolls and Scammers and etc. invading our original Forums and some hosting service failures of late, and so we are now moving the forums to a more secure location that we control fully, which has better security against these little invasions of our turf. The original forums will remain active until we can migrate all the old posts and all our members to the new Forums.

We offer all four, and invite members and guests to participate anytime. The more the merrier.

Slug Shooting Chat Room - Members and Guests Welcome

This chat room is open to all members and guests who have an interest in Slug Shooting and want to talk live to others with the same interests.
We have tried to make signup as simple as possible.
BEFORE TRYING TO CONNECT, please fill in the blanks below. Choose a nickname, include your email address, and decide what you want to use as a PASSWORD. Once the blanks are all filled as you want them to be, click the CONNECT BUTTON. You will then be in the chatroom registration area.
TYPE IN THE FOLLOWING: /msg NickServ REGISTER (Your Password) (your email) Then hit enter.
NOTE: Do not include the ( ) just type in the password and email with a space after the REGISTER command and a space between the password and the email. Your nickname and password will be registered and you will be allowed to use the chatroom anytime, and be identified as a registered Member, as long as you connect using the same nickname and provide the same password when it is requested.

This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:

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Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

SlugShooter's Blog

OK, So  We're Still Working On It......

sleepy hunter
ASSA Discussion Forums Were Hacked AGAIN on 12/20/16! Forums are Under Repair but Fully Functional Now
Please Bear with Us as We Work to Bind Up The Wounds

Please come on back  - We'll Have This Fixed ASAP - You will have to register again

Click the Flag Below to Access All New ASSA Forums hosted By ASSA for ASSA, and Reworked to weed out the trolls and maintain forums to our  standards. Access May Require Registering Again, As This Forum Has Upgraded Security

Original Members Discussion Forum


Slug Shooting Member Forums
Guests Welcome- Join Now

Members and Guests Are Invited to Join Our Member Forums. Discussions, Technical Information Exchange, and Potentially Unlimited Arguments on the Merits of Equipment, Loadings, and the Sport in General.Entrance to the Forums is relatively easy... JUST CLICK THE BIG GREEN "ENTER" BUTTON ABOVE

Recent Events

In this column we may review past events and how successful each of them was. For example, recently we have received a very gracious endorsement from Cast Bullet Association. Our Newsletter page has a copy of their letter to us. Also we have just established an alliance with Guns and Fun, with two of our forums added to theirs under the Benchresting category at www.gunsandfun.com. Click the link to see what we're up to over there. (Be sure to come back, now.)

Guns and Fun ASSA Forums

Donations for Forum Support
Anyone who's feeling generous is invited to drop a couple bucks here as a contribution to keep our Member's forums active. Not a requirement, by any means. We just want you to have a way to let us know you care, and of course donations do help offset the cost of operating the forums and chat rooms, which like anything worth doing, don't get done for free. Click the Buy Now Button, kick in $2.00. Thanks for your support.

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