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ASSA Celebration of the NRA Fall Shootout


Fall Invitational Shoot 
Competition Rules and Procedures

NOTE: This invitational shoot is associated with ASSA's recruiting program for new or renewal NRA Members. This event is not officially endorsed, sponsored, or sanctioned in any way by the NRA. Shooter awards are purchased from the NRA Store by ASSA to be given to competition winners, and are NOT supplied free or at discounted prices to ASSA by NRA. Contest rules, qualifications, all judging, etc. by ASSA.

We encourage all ASSA Members and site visitors to join the NRA through the recruiting links found at the bottom of each of our web pages, to qualify for TWO Years' FREE ASSA Membership with new or renewal NRA Membership.
ASSA offers to all members and guests the opportunity to participate in an ANNUAL event, a National competition to determine who are the top SlugShooters in the Country. Participation is open to all who can present an official target to this organization which has been verified to have been issued for this "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot and fired upon with the results offered to us upon its return to ASSA. Targets and firing results must be verified by the manager or Rangemaster of an established Gun Club or commercial target range usually used by the contestant. 
Official Targets for this annual "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot must be requested from September 1,  to November 20, each year, and all official entries must be postmarked no later than December 17, each year in order to be considered as entries in the "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Fall Invitational Shoot. Judging will be completed and Awards issued to the winners by January 23, each year.
Competitors may submit as many targets for the event as they want, so long as all are officially designated and numbered ASSA targets and issued for this event. In case of multiple target submissions from one contestant to the contest, the best grouping will be the only one entered in the competition for ranking. Members who wish to enter the Invitational more than once may order extra targets and submit several targets all at one time, so long as we are notified that each target is for additional participation in the competition.
Once we have completed the competition there will be a determinaton of the best overall SlugShooters for the "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot. The overall "Top Gun" winner in each Division and category will be awarded a free target for a subsequent ASSA National contest, in addition to the "ASSA Celebrates the NRA Invitational Awards" shown below.

"ASSA Celebrates the NRA"
 Invitational Shoot Awards

All Participants: "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot Certificate of Participation with Score and Equipment Details, and One Bonus Competiton Target for the National Postal Competition paid for by some of our long-suffering Endowment and Sponsor Members
Third Place Each Category: Awards above, plus one of our famous ASSA Tactical folders as seen elsewhere on this site.
Second Place Each Category: Awards above, plus "NRA" LOGO Shoulder patch. 
First Place Each Category: Awards above, plus "NRA" LOGO Auto Window Sticker
OVERALL TOP GUN WINNER: Awards Above, plus Renewal or New One Year Membership in the National Rifle Association, again funded by ASSA's small circle of determinedly pro-NRA activists. Winner has the option to accept membership/renewal, or sponsor another shooter for membership. (Just in case an NRA Life Member turns out to be theTop Gun winner.)

Competition Divisions:
There are Four Primary Divisions, and contestants will compete within their divisions to establish Division Champion. Division Champions may then choose to have another contest to determine best overall SlugShooter. The Four Division titles are Hunter, Professional, Metallic Sight, and Optical Sight. The Professional Division will include any and all competitors who are: Gunsmiths, or employees of Ammunition or Firearms manufacturers whose occupation would give them an advantage over "civilians". Active duty Military and Law Enforcement are invited to participate in whatever division they feel most closely reflects their level of training or ability, so long as they specify their active duty status. ASSA policy is that we do not argue these details with ladies and gentlemen who carry and use firearms full time. Metallic Sight Division includes open, peepsight, and any laser, holograph, dot, or other optics that have no magnification function. Scope Sights are of course any optical sighting systems that do have a magnification function.
To Arrange Your Own Club Matches and Other Invitational Competitions:
We recognize the competitive spirit amongst SlugShooters and hope to encourage its continued growth and health. In case of gun clubs, Armed Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, or other groups or individuals wishing to have private competitions amongst themselves or against similar groups nationwide, ASSA will arrange and administer any such private competitons that may be requested. Now shooting team members of national Corporations, local and state police SWAT teams, or just SlugShooters wanting to compete against their buddies in other states but not Everybody, can have their own "Club" events with ASSA providing the targets and judging, and eliminating all that travel time and expense. We'll also publish your Club results on this website if you like, or keep it amongst ourselves if you prefer. 
Contact our Club Match Coordinator for immediate service. 

Club Match Coordinator



Third Place Award
ASSA Membership & NRA Shoot Score Certificate


First Prize Category Award
NRA Outside Window Stickers

Classes of Competition:
All classes will compete at 50 yards with Metallic, or 100 yards with Optical Sighting systems. Competition targets for the "SPONSOR" Invitational Shoot must have 3 shot groups to be qualified for judging. In case of multiple rounds going through a single hole in the target, the club or shooting range Rangemaster must verify all three rounds did actually go through the target. Winning target will be based upon the standard ring method of measuring extreme spread. Within the Four Primary Divisions, the Classes of weapons are as below:
12 Gauge RB (Rifled Barrel)
12 Gauge RCT (Rifled Choke Tube)
12 Gauge SB (Smooth Bore)
16 Gauge RB
20 Gauge RB
20 Gauge RCT
20 Gauge SB
.410 Gauge SB 
Targets: Each target issued will have a serial number and official ASSA embedded markings to assure traceability of each target to its SlugShooter.
Target Information Required: To be accepted for judging in the monthly competition, targets must have written in the proper locations and signed by the Rangemaster: Serial Number, Brand and Type Ammunition Used, Brand and Model number of Firearm Used, Brand and model number of each accessory used, ie Scope/other sighting system, barrel, choke tube, compensator, recoil devices, etc.
Range Location Address and Telephone Number, with Signature of the Rangemaster and Date target was fired. 
Since ranking is solely determined by extreme spread of a three shot group, the Ammunition used must be accurately reported for correct scoring to be possible. Slugs from different manufacturers vary widely as to the slug diameter, which we have to deduct from our measurements to determine actual group spread.

Ready To Compete? Just Click the PayPal Button Below for Instant Purchase of your Target for this
"ASSA Celebrates the NRA"
Invitational Shoot, and FREE one year ASSA membership for first time SlugShooters
Targets for Invitational Shoots are $5.00 each, to cover Event costs, Targets, Judging, and delivery expenses for the various Awards given to the winners.


Second Place Award
NRA Shoulder Patch


Top Gun Winner Award
One Year NRA Membership

"ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot Targets cost $5.00 each, which includes the Judging and verification processing, and costs of delivery of awards to the winners. ASSA is final judge of all targets and ranking amongst competitors. Upon appeal ASSA may at its entire option, scan and email copies of disputed targets to the warring parties involved if required to settle any dispute.  
Results of the "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot may be published on the website, and Top Slugshooters within the various Divisions and Classes may have their names and their equipment listed on the website.
Membership in ASSA is free for one year for new members with your entry into the "ASSA Celebrates the NRA" Invitational Shoot, and issue of your first Competition Target. Please See "How to Join' for other membership details.

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