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Members' Classified Ads


All ASSA Members, Sponsors, and Friends are Welcome To Advertise Here.
Click the Classifieds Panel Below For The Entry Portal:
Next Stop, Slugshooters' Classified Ads!


Special Offer To Members: This is an important online service for ASSA, and we want to make sure it serves your needs and will continue to grow. We think that the best way to encourage Members to participate is to give away free money to new users.

Until further notice, everyone who registers to post classified ads with us will receive one of two incentives from ASSA.

One incentive is an automatic $10.00 credit against the costs of any featured, banner, or enhanced ads. This will give you all a chance to make money selling your stuff BEFORE you have to put out any money for the advertising. Register, wait for your email confirming you have a $10.00 account credit, then place your ads, and sell your stuff for free.

The other, even better incentive, starts with your Donation of $2.50 or $5.00 to the ASSA, to help us keep the services running around here. A $2.50 donation (think of it like donating to Public TV and then not having to watch) will get you a $25.00 account credit to use for placing your ads. A $5.00 donation gets you a $50.00 ad account credit.

Tough bookkeeping, but we're basically saying it's a 10 for one deal. This was suggested by one of our Members, who we figure must be smarter than us, so we're gonna give it a shot and see. Thanks for joining the Swap Meet!

Click the Buy Now Button below to donate $2.50 to the Classified Ads Pages and Receive your $25.00 Account Credit for ads placed with us. Heard of a Two-Fer? This is a Ten-Fer! 
Click the Buy Now Button below to donate $5.00 to the Classified Ads Pages and Receive your $50.00 Account Credit for ads placed with us. Heard of a Two-Fer? This is a big Ten-Fer!
OK, here's the disclaimer: NO ONE may post ads here for any illegal items, whether they are goods or services, specifically but not limited to illegal or banned firearms, ammunition, explosive devices, drugs, pornography, ANY kind of political propaganda, materials deemed by us to be slanderous, defamatory, racist or advocating violent action against whoever has ticked you off lately, etc. etc. There will be no ads accepted for Nazi Memorabilia specifically, no anti-Semitic items, or anything likely to offend any members of any main-stream organized religion. However zealots who might be offended by items would never be imagined to offend the ordinary person, as WE decide to define an ordinary person, may wind up being offended anyway. No offense, guys, sorry about that. 

All ads are subject to review whether they are free or paid ads, and may be removed at our sole discretion for any reason, or for no reason. Paid ads that are pulled upon review will have payment refunded, or at our sole discretion have such funds donated to a charity of our choosing, in order to emphasize the point that we will not permit misuse of this service, whether paid or not.

Some ads and entire ad categories are free, others require payment, and any may be subject to fees for additional features such as photo editing, banner ads in rotation, preferred placement, extended time, etc.
All such fees are collected either through PayPal, or direct payment by cash or check for those who have issues with PayPal.

Information for Potential  Classified Ad Buyers:
This is the Fee Schedule for the Classifieds, listed here as a preview, so you'll know about what your costs will be BEFORE going through the work of creating and placing your classifieds:

New Classified Ad ListingInsertion Fees if any
Classified Ad listing Fee0.50
Additional OptionsInsertion Fee
Full Featured Classified Ad if selected
List on all the main pages
Category Featured Classified Ad if selected1.00
Color background if selected0.50
Bold title listing if selected0.50
Attention Grabbers Icon if selected
Attention Grabbers
Featured Gallery if selected2.00
Page view counter if selected0.15
Graphic Uploaded Picture(s)to our web server to be viewed in your ad item (Linked pictures are free)1.00

Bottom line here is that a good basic ad with an uploaded (photobucket, for instance) photo can cost as little as $.50 total. A full featured ad with all possible options can reach about $7.50, or about $2.50 per month.

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