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Events Schedule    

Here we sometimes list events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. We'll update this page from time to time, so check back often to stay up to date. Also check individual Shoot's Pages for times, dates, rules, etc. as they will not be posted here except as announcements

Every Month:

Day 1st - Slugshooter Competition Targets available for this month

Day 20th - Cut off date to order Competition Targets for this Month

Day 25th - Cut Off Date for Entries in this Month's Competition

NOTE: All Entries must be received back by ASSA by this date to be entered in this month's competition. Late entries will be entered in next month's contest, BUT missing a month will disqualify the contestant for annual competition awards.

Day Last - Final day of the month all received entries are judged, result tabulated, and names of top competitors and their results are published to the ASSA website

Founding Dates - Event Milestones for ASSA
June 10th 2005 - ASSA Website Construction Start

June 15th 2005 - ASSA Registers Domains SlugShooting.com and Slugshooter.com 
June 20th 2005 - ASSA officially Activates SlugShooting.com web

August 1st 2005 - First SlugShooter Monthly Competition Results Published to Competition Forum boards. 

April 2007 - Slugshooters' Library pages added to ASSA website

July 2007 - ASSA adds Slughunting.com, Slughunter.com, Slughunters.com and Slushooters.com to list of registered domains linking to ASSA websites

July 2008 - ASSA adds SlugShooters Swap Meet Members Only Classified Advertising pages to ASSA Website, offers all members First Classified ads on the Swap Meet at no charge.

August - September

Owing to the Nationwide heat wave that has made field competition difficult for most of our Members, June and July Competition results will be carried over into the August Competition. No results for June and July will be published except as additions to August contest scores.
Earlier Spring results posted below, and congratulations to the Top Guns, who will each get free targets for this month's round. All Competition members are reminded that targets must be received back at ASSA during the last week in each month in order to be officially entered in that month's contest.

July - September
ASSA is holding a Summer Invitational Shoot for all members and guests, targets available July 1 through August 28, due back for judging by first week of September. This is an ASSA-NRA sponsored event, with awards and prizes for winning SlugShooters to include a variety of NRA collectibles, and Top Gun to be awarded an annual NRA Membership courtesy of the NRA Club within the Club here at ASSA.
Details of the ASSA-NRA Summer Invitational Shoot, including sign-up and target purchase, the rules, etc. are accessible by simply clicking the text here, which will take you to the Shoot Web Page:  
Top gun Rankings for this Shoot will be posted here during September along with the awards and prizes won by the best SlugShooters of our ASSA-NRA Shoot. Congratulations in advance to the winners.

ASSA-NRA Winter Invitational Shoot Signup, Targets, Rules, and Awards Details

Top Gun Winners - September Nationals:
Professional Division:  Mike Kingston, Arkansas, Using  Mod. 870, Hastings rifled barrel, Aimpoint Red Dot Sighting System, and Hastings Laser Sabot 3" Slugs at 100 yards, Group size 1.235"
Hunter Division: Jason Kempenich, PA, Using Marlin 512 Slugmaster, Sightron S1, Remington Ultra Sabot at 100 yards, Group size 2.125" 
Top Gun Winners - ASSA-NRA Summer Shoot:
Professional Division:  "One and Done", PA, Using  Mod. 1100, Hastings rifled barrel, Leuphold 2-7x33mm Sighting System, and Hastings Laser Sabot 2 3/4" Slugs at 100 yards, Group size 1.860"
Hunter Division:  "Slugger Two" GA, Using NEF-UltraSlug Hunter, 12GA, Bushnell 6-18x50mm, and STI Reload Sabot at 100 yards, Group size 2.625" 
Note: Both Top Gun winners are already NRA members, and have donated their prize NRA memberships to non-NRA friends, with the condition they join ASSA.
Thanks, guys, we appreciate your support.
Other participants who qualified for awards will be receiving them in the mail no later than October 15.

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.

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