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The "Clubhouse Store" Member Tested Products


On this page we provide information and direct purchase connections for products and services our members have personally tested. Most are directly involved with SlugShooting and are in the category of "the stuff that works." Some are general interest or ASSA sponsor products. ASSA Clubhouse items may also include extra "freebies" as our way of saying thanks to members who shop the Clubhouse.
Check the packaging carefully, so you don't lose any of the surprises.

Reloading Supplies


12 Gauge Roll Crimper
Roll Crimping Tool for 12 gauge shells produces a fine quality roll allowing a smooth and clean roll completely down to the brass if you're checking it out. You'll be amazed!  No expensive machinery is necessary, a 3/8" hand drill will do. (But when you get to loading a lot of our SPWs you'll probably want a stationary drill press.)  And we've gotten feedback that it also rolls PAPER HULLs for you cowboy action enthusiasts out there (trimming still needed). Clubhouse Price $11.95 each, Delivered to any USA/48 address.

Members Only
Ammunition Deals

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Due to the Company Closure, Hastings Ammunition Deals are Suspended Indefinitely 

We can now reveal that there is a replacement, selling under the Rottweil brand name and available to ASSA Members under the Members Only package plan offered here
Click the Rottweil Ammunition Banner above to go immediately to the special Members Only Price Sheet and Order form.
Remember, Members ONLY may order at these prices.

OK, so we couldn't bring ourselves to take down the last Hastings logo yet. Maybe later. We still miss those guys, especially the Laser Ammo and the special guns. Good thing the Laser Slugs are back, at least.


Shotgun Accessories


You are going to be VERY satisfied with this new cheek piece. Simply strap it on. It doesn't slip, yet it is removable.  It creates a snug fit making it very comfortable for you.  Does what it's supposed to do: Aligns your eye with the scope. No drilling or other damage needs to be done to your stock.

Clubhouse price is $29.95     
Made In The U.S.A.

Books for SlugShooters
Dave Henderson Weighs In  with tools, techniques, tricks of the trade. Buy Direct, or through the Clubhouse, Your Choice.

Click the Photo to Buy Direct, or the PayPal logo Below for Clubhouse Purchase

Click the Photo to buy direct, or PayPal Logo below for Clubhouse Purchase

First Time Offered at the Clubhouse Store: Hawke Optics Deer Pass Scopes

After extensive field testing by one of our professional firearms experts, we're offering the Hawke Optics Deer Pass 3-9x40mm Deer Pass SR at a Members Only price of $219.00 with FREE Shipping direct from the factory to you, and including as our ASSA exclusive bonuses your choice of a free six pack of competition targets, a one year extension of paid ASSA Member dues, or a 3 1/2" Folding Gut Hook Knife.


The MSRP on the scope alone is $249.00 PLUS Shipping, so we think the Combo Deal we've worked out is a very good one.

For All the Details on this excellent Scope click the link:  http://www.hawkeoptics.com/us/riflescopes/deerpass_sr/index.php

This is the same Scope beng offered as Top gun prize in the Hawke Optics First Annual  Invitational Shoot which can be found elsewhere on the site. You could enter the contest and see how that goes, but ordering from the Clubhouse Store will surely reduce the waiting and the stress........ And there's that really quick PayPal option, or ASSA will accept checks, money orders, good gun dogs, you name it.



Please bear in mind that the Hawke Scope listed above is the model we tested and can recommend on that basis. The Clubhouse Store also has access to the complete line of Hawke Optics Scopes and other products and offers them to Members who are interested in top quality optics at very competitive prices. For Quotes on Hawke Optics, contact us at HawkeOptics@SlugShooting.com for prices by return email. We meet any dealer price, and include exclusive ASSA bonuses, always.

General Interest Products and Services Links

Web Hosting as low as $7.95/month with FREE Website Design Software, (for the Masochists Among You) or Hosting and Complete Professional Web Site Design, from the Same Folks Used by ASSA for This Web Site!
Featured Service: Proof Test Your Wildcat Loads at a Members Only Price!
Contact Precision Reloading at 1-800-223-0900, and ask for Keith to set you up for
proof testing at the ASSA Special Price of only $37.50 for each five shot string


Let us know if there are any SlugShooting related Products You have Tried and Recommend,  and we'll consider including them here!

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