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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Join?

We are looking just for SlugShooters, pure and simple. You have a shotgun, you shoot for accuracy at 50 yards, 100 yards, and beyond, this is your club. Deer Hunter, Recreational target shooter, hard-core BenchRest Slugshooter, you need to be in this group.
We have the background. We know the Ballisticians, the custom gun builders, and the loading technicians. If you join us, you'll soon know them all too. Some of the folks that show up in the Chat Room, and post a little hint in the Forums from time to time, may be the folks that invented some of the hardware you are using right now.
We'll even let you join if you use rifles and pistols to hunt and play with, as long as you keep that quiet. After all nobody's perfect. But someone who five-groups to an inch or less at 100 yards with a 12 gauge? Close enough to perfect for us. More than welcome to join.

Benefits of Joining

Members Receive:
Access to the exclusive SlugShooting Chat Room, for live interactive discussion on our favorite subject all day, every day, with all other members everywhere in the USA (and we suspect a few from outside the US as well)
Full time access to Slugshooting Members forums where events, equipment, techniques, and other aspects of the SlugShooting experience are discussed in detail, and information posted is available indefinitely, so you can join in, or just cruise for enlightenment by reviewing the variety of information already in place.
Competition opportunities not otherwise available to anyone in this shooting discipline. Competition members can test themselves against other SlugShooters anywhere in the Country, from their own favorite range, shooting under familar conditions and without the pressure of public events, with virtually zero travel expense.  For the first time a SlugShooter in Iowa can compete head to head against Slugshooters from Maine, or California, or even the other end of Iowa, and never have to spend any time on travel or serious money to do it.
Class Competition winners receive recognition monthly, when the competition results are published. Annual winners will receive additional recognition, trophies, and other awards that will vary according to the competition and the assistance of our sponsor members.
Membership Drive - "Some Are Into Tactical"

Join Now, and receive one of the high quality Tactical Knives shown below at no additional cost. (Our Random Selection)
Retail value of any of these EXCEEDS the cost of your Membership! Offer may be rescinded when our supply of these knives is exhausted, unless the Pres. goes on another shopping spree...
This deal also is extended to those of you who are already members but are up for renewal (or way past it, like SOME PEOPLE). So if you are due to renew, this is the time to hit us for an extra special freebie!

Year-Round Membership Drive. Click below for One Year Dues PLUS One Tactical Knife (Shipping Added)
To receive Your One-Year General Membership And Bonus Tactical Knife Instantly, just Click on the Buy Now Button Directly Above for PayPal Payment of the $7.50 Yearly membership fee and $2.50 shippng cost for your knife. Also please fill in the online Membership Application below.

Membership Upgrade Option:
If you signed on as a paid General Member after November 15, 2006, when this offer first started, managed to miss all the additional chances to renew or upgrade with this offer, and STILL want to upgrade to take advantage of the Free Tactical Knife offer, just click the Buy Now Button Below, and we'll collect the $2.50 cost to ship your FREE tactical knife to you now.
This also applies to anyone who popped for the General Membership at one of the million or so other signup locations on this site, and have just now discovered that  "I coulda had a free knife, dammit!"
At ASSA, we try not to mess with our members, especially the new guys, since we know that ALL of us carry guns! So if you forgot, missed the offer,  signed up at the wrong place, or whatever, just hit the upgrade button and we'll ship you one of the FREE ASSA Member's Only Tac Knives, pronto.

How Can You Join?

Since this is only the fourth full year for ASSA, we are offering one full year general membership for only $7.50, renewable at that rate permanently to our first 4 full year Flagship members. New members next year will not get that deal. If you join as a Competition member, your first year's membership is free with the purchase of your first competition target. General and Competition Members have Unlimited access to the Chat Room, and general level access to the Members' forums as well.
Special memberships are extended to Active Military, Law Enforcement, and other professional group members, subject to qualification. Some memberships include additional privileges and may involve different annual fees or other variable costs. If you are in what may be one of these special membership eligibility groups, please contact us for specific information.
To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. We have made special arrangements for INSTANT Membership Processing, using PayPal for payment processing. See the next Column for details. If you prefer to have your application processed manually, please contact us for more information and a copy of the application.

Are All Memberships The Same?

There are a number of membership categories:
1. General Membership is our usual recommendation for potential members who want to learn more about the SlugShooting sport, have access to the Chat Room and most of the General information members forums. The low $7.50 annual membership fee applies.
2. Competition Membership is for the shooters. We give away the first year General Membership to Competition members when they purchase their first target, because we are working to build the Competition network and help make SlugShooting as popular as the other competitions in the shooting sports community. Maintaining competitor status by participating in at least 4 of the 12 monthly contests will qualify the member for continued waiver of annual dues. After all, if Cowboy action Shooting can have thousands of competition members, why not SlugShooting? Competition members also have Exclusive access to the Competitor's Forum.
3. Active Military, Firefighter/EMS, and Law Enforcement members have all the rights and privileges of General and Competition members, plus exclusive access to their own AM/LEO/FF Members forum. Annual dues are waived for these members, in recognition of their service to our Country and communities. Competition targets must still be purchased if these members choose to participate in the monthly competitions or Club Shoots.
4. Veterans of Military Service are offered first year waiver of either General Membership or Competition Membership dues in recognition of their service to our Country. All rights and benefits of General or Competition Membership apply, and Veterans have their own special Forum on our ASSA boards, accessible ONLY to our Veterans.
5. Endowment/Sponsor Membership is reserved for those groups or individuals who want to sponsor or contribute to competition events or awards programs in addition to our monthly/annual Slugshooters competition. Individuals or groups interested in establishing this type membership need to contact our Events Staff directly.

Just Looking for that ONE THING that you wanted to know about? Plug in the right Search Keyword below (In the SEARCH Block!?!), and the Googlies will take you to it, or at least to everything on our site that they think is related to it.

General Membership Two Year Term Opportunity
If you're up for a longer-term committment to ASSA, we'll make it worth your while!
anybody can commit to just a year, but if you double the term and sign up for only TWO Years, we'll give you the second year for less than half price.
You pay just $10.00 for a two year General Membership.
Join by clicking the Buy Now Two Year button  below and filling out our online application.

General Membership Two Year Option Click Buy Now Button Below
Front Side of NEW ASSA Membership Card

To receive Your One-Year General Membership Instantly, just Click on the Buy Now Button Directly Below for PayPal Payment of the $7.50 Yearly membership fee.
We will use your PayPal account information to process your General Membership Application Immediately. Please Use the Comments Section to Specify your Chat Room and Forums Nickname and Password so we can get you registered for those right away.

To Receive your ASSA Official target and entry in the current month's competition, click the PayPal Buy Now button below for instant processing.
You will receive your Competition Target and all needed instructions by return mail. The $3.00 cost includes the Target, your entry registration in this month's competition, and Judging and Processing costs.
BONUS: First time Competitors will also receive Free ASSA General Membership dues waived for one full year

Big Shooters! Buy your Targets in Packs of Six.
Pay us just $15.00 for a SixPack of Targets
and Save Three Bucks a Pack over the Singles!
Just Hit the Button down below to
get our attention right now! 

National Competition Challenge
Dealer Counter Sheet
Click the link below to request the ASSA National Competition Challenge Sheet, to be Used for Dealer Display or Club Bulletin Board Postings. This is a replica of the actual competition target, with a bit of choice challenge language intended to promote the competition and encourage your customers and friends to join the ASSA


Send Me The ASSA Counter Challenge Sheet!

ASSA Practice Targets FREE!
Click the Target for full size download

General Membership LIFETIME Term Opportunity

Feel strongly that you're going to hang with us over the long term? We'll give you the distinction of becoming an ASSA Life Member for just $40.00. Also, we'll be so excited about it we'll kick in some ASSA bonus materials, including one of our Tactical knives, a brand new NRA baseball cap, and a special ASSA Life Member Club card with yur name and signup date emblazoned on the back.
Join by clicking the Buy Now Lifetime button below and filling out our online application.

General Membership "Life Member" Option Click Buy Now Button Below
Do You plan to live forever?
Then your Annual Cost is ZERO!
Back side of NEW ASSA Membership Card

Click Here To Contact Us Immediately:10ring@SlugShooting.com

Click Here To Use Our INSTANT Online Membership Application Form

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