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Club Invitational Shoots

Attention Gun Clubs, RangeMasters, other Shooting Sports Associations: 
Looking for a new event to bring out new and existing participants to the range?
Want to generate revenue, and gain National recognition for your group, your Range, your Company?
We recognize the competitive spirit amongst SlugShooters and hope to encourage its continued growth and health. In case of gun clubs, shooting ranges, Armed Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, or other groups or individuals wishing to have private competitions amongst themselves or against similar groups nationwide, ASSA will arrange and administer any such private competitons that may be requested.
Now shooting team members of national Corporations, local and state police SWAT teams, or just SlugShooters wanting to compete against their buddies in other states but not Everybody, can have their own "Club" events with ASSA providing the targets and judging, and eliminating all that travel time and expense.
We'll also publish your Club results on this website if you like, or keep it amongst ourselves if you prefer. 
We are working with Gun Clubs, Shooting Ranges, and other Shooting Sports Associations Nationally to put together sponsored local competitions that can invigorate membership, bring out old and new members to the range again, and generate new increases to Club revenue all at the same time.
The program could not be easier. We supply official ASSA targets to the group hosting the event. The host group charges their participants a reasonable fee for competing. Competition is judged at the event, and the targets are returned to us for inclusion in our competition records, at our normal $2.00 fee per target. The club of course keeps the balance of the funds collected, and may use some of the revenue for prize awards to the competitors.
ASSA, upon recepit of the targets and fees from the Club Shoot, will award each participant a FREE one year General Membership in ASSA, as our "prize" for each competitor, no matter what their score is in the competition.
We are also working with a number of accessories and equipment manufacturers to boost interest in Club Shoots and Invitationals by offering sponsored prizes for these competitions.
If your group can bring together a large number of competitors, then we may be able to offer contest winners premium prizes from well known suppliers, at no cost to you.
Club Shoot results will be published on our Website, along with any promotional information about your Club or Organization that you would like to have seen by SlugShooters everywhere.
Contact our Club Match Coordinator for immediate service

Contact: Club_Shoots@SlugShooting.com

Buy Club Shoot Targets In 12-Packs for Your Club Sponsored Shoots and save! Single Competition Targets and ASSA Official Match Judging, plus having your Shoot results posted on the ASSA website, are $3.00 each, but with Club Shoot Bulk Buy, your cost is only $24.00 per 12-pack. You can save $12.00 per pack, or your Club can make $12.00 on target re-sales to help support your event!

Hosting ASSA National Competition Events:
Your Club, Range or Shooting Sports related Company or other Organization is invited to host our National Monthly Competiton.
You can take our event and make it your own, use it to increase your membership, add a new event series to your Club calendar, and increase Club revenue through range fees and other event-related revenue generating opportunities.
Do you have an annual Deer Hunter Sight-In? Make it an ASSA event, and your members get National Recogntion, FREE ASSA Membership, and a chance to win our Annual Best SlugShooter Awards.
Does your group do Silhouette Competition with Slug Guns? We'll publish the scores on our Website, and offer those competitors the chance to compete in our Target Competition.
Does your Club do Benchrest Target competition for slug guns already? Then why not add the extra prestige of National Competition to the mix, and see how your attendance figures (and revenue) jump?
Contact our Club Shoot Coordinator Today.

Contact: Club_Shoots@SlugShooting.com

Click Here To Contact Us Immediately:10ring@SlugShooting.com

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