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The NRA Page


Yes, We Know, We Are the AMERICAN SLUGSHOOTING ASSOCIATION, and We're All About SlugShooting, Which Means Shotguns, Not Rifles.....
BUT Without the folks at the NRA speaking out for all of us who have this quirk about wanting to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, it is certainly possible that none of us would still be able to enjoy this sport, or any other shooting sports, in this country.
This being our opinion, and our concern, we have decided to try our best to encourage all our members to join and support the NRA as a matter of plain and simple self preservation. Our approach to this is to offer a special incentive plan, detailed below:
Join The NRA, and Get your ASSA Membership FREE for TWO FULL YEARS
Click Here To Join NRA Today!
NRA Recruiting Link Click Here
Remember, Join NRA and Your Dues Are Waived for 2 Years!

The majority of the team behind the American SlugShooters Association are already participating members in the NRA. Our President, Bill Davis, is a Life Member (NRA Member#3572575)
As you can imagine this has a tiny effect upon the point of view of the Association. We are committed to keeping the shooting sports alive and well in this country.
Anyone not currently an NRA member who joins through our Association (or NRA annual members who renew through us) will have their ASSA membership dues waived for TWO FULL YEARS.
In effect, you get to join NRA at a $15.00 discount through this program. You get two memberships for the price of one, and our President may stop pushing us to have our kids, dogs, and goldfish all join the NRA.
Well, maybe we'll get a break on the dogs and goldfish, anyway.
To sign up, click the link provided, and our good friends at the NRA will take over from there. We've all been through this and can state that the process is pretty painless, and the monthly magazine is worth the price of the membership, not to mention the opportunity to interact with a whole lot of like-minded individuals you might not otherwise get to meet in a lifetime.


We Talk the Talk, AND We Walk the Walk!
ASSA has been a proud, dues paying member of the NRA Business Alliance. Everyone on staff has their individual membership, since the Second Amendment is the one that we believe makes the rest of our rights secure. At the Association level, ASSA has joined the business alliance to further demonstrate that NRA, the other Alliance members, and the individual members are important to us, and to the well being of our Nation's freedoms. We encourage the rest of Corporate America to join up, and let all who would like to remove our second amendment rights know that there are some serious folks signing on with their opposition. Please visit the NRA Business Alliance website, and whenever possible try to throw your business to the Companies that are Members. These folks are on OUR SIDE!
The Mission

We hope to have a substantial percentage of  our incoming new members take advantage of this special program to have their ASSA membership and their NRA membership be a package deal.
Obviously we'd like to have at least a FEW new paid members from time to time as well, so we can afford to keep the Association at least in the grey, if not the black, after the costs of the website and the judging, and all the fun administrative costs of any organization, no matter how closely managed.
While we can keep the opportunity available, please be sure to use this venue to boost membership in two of our favorite groups, NRA and ASSA.
Thanks from all of us at ASSA Headquarters, and of course from our friends "down South" in Virginia, the NRA.

We've Arranged For A News Feed From The NRA/ILA Website To Our News Alert Box Below, So You Can See For Yourself What Our Pals at NRA Are Doing Right Now. Click Any Article Links Of Interest And Get The Latest News. Be Sure To Come On Back To ASSA When You're Through.

ASSA's NRA Affiliation Certificate

We Are an Official NRA Business Alliance Affiliate
A single mouse click on the big NRA seal above, or any of the smaller ones we've placed strategically on every page of this site will take you right to the NRA recruiting center. If any of the links should fail, please email us to take advantage of the latest discounted membership deal, to help us out so our President will quit trying to get us to have the clubhouse watchcat become a life member. Thanks.
We Don't Just Talk the Talk, We Walk the Walk!
ASSA is 100% NRA Member Owned and Operated
Want More NRA News?
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We Support and are Members of the NRA
Please Patronize NRA Business Alliance Members
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